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06-04-2013, 05:07 AM
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I have a JVC DM-R10 that I bought based on your recommendation.

Last year, I powered it up again after I had moved from my apartment and it no longer would read even commercial DVDs.

The DVD drive looks to be proprietary.

I do not have enough information to fix it.

What do you suggest?

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06-04-2013, 05:09 AM
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Did you try to clean the burner yet?
Was it used it a smoking home?
Was it ever kept in a garage or attic? (Moisture for long period?) How long was it unused while moving?

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06-07-2013, 06:23 PM
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the drives do go bad on these
i have repaired several of these units with bad drives.
i just buy a second unit that has the dreaded "Loading" error and swap the DVD drives
you can find broken ones on ebay usally

the DVD drives from the DR-MV1 & DR-MV5 combo decks are much better
with minor mods to the bracket and wiring you can use the DR-MV drives

and it is a DR-M10 not a DM-R10
the DR-M100 is an even better unit
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