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I bought a Panasonic DMR-ES10 DVD player on eBay for cheap, described as "will not power on". Of course I expected this to be a simple case of bad capacitors, but that does not appear to be the case. There are no capacitors on the power board or other (logic?) board which are bulging or leaking, or even have elevated tops. All caps visibly check out. The fuse also looks unbroken. The power board has a manufacturing date of April 2005 written on it.

Photo of top side of the board: https://i.imgur.com/UNZr2nf.jpg

Underside, overall: https://i.imgur.com/Zk9rIJL.jpg

Underside, location with a lot of what seems to be some flux left over from the manufacturing process: https://i.imgur.com/llqYNtu.jpg

All reports I've read of this device not powering on point to bad caps. I wish that were the case. Does anybody have any ideas as to what is wrong? I can blanket recap the entire power board, but if someone might have a more specific suggestion I'd appreciate it. If somebody needs more specific photos of anything, please let me know and I'll be glad to provide them.

I guess for all I know, this device could've suffered a lightning strike, let out the magic smoke, and I have purchased a paperweight.
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A cap can fail without external signs such as bulging or leaking. The more reliable tests are with an in-circuit tester for ESR and value. But those tools are not commonly found in most households. Keep in mind that caps are not the only reasons for failures, just the most common for gear from a specific era.

If you can find the service manual, that will give the information a technician will need to check it out.

FWIW in the top photo there is a cap on the right (above the OK) that looks to be at an unusually jaunty angle for an original factory PC board. It would be worth checking it out for a possible internal lead detachment.

And the "left-over flux" looks to me like the residue from a previous repair (or at least an attempt) where someone replaced the (Z1H5A) transformer.
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