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08-04-2015, 01:28 PM
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first time on this forum so i hope im in the right place..
i just bought a Sony CCD M8u camera and a EV-C8u w Video8 cassette player from Ebay.
Seller told me that everything works perfectly . but when i shot with the camera and play the tape (video8) on the player (camera cant playback the tapes ) there are white distortion lines going from top to bottom .
here is how it looks.

the first few seconds (of the Zebra) are video signal coming from my pc straight to the EV-C8u player\recorder and it looks fine but the rest is video recorded from the camera..
i tried to clean the heads of both the camera and player , i hope i did it correctly but it didnt change anything and ive noticed that the camera is NTSC and the Video8 tapes i use say PAL\Secam on them

i dropped the camera at a lab but the guy tells me it will cost a lot of $$ to repair and hes trying to sell me a new camera :| i get a feeling hes just lazy and trying to rip me off ..

so my question is
are they NTSC or PAL video8 tapes? i mean is it possible that my camera is NTSC and my tapes are PAL and that is what causing the problem?
or if anyone can tell me anything about the problem by just looking at the footage.
thank u so much in advance !
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08-04-2015, 01:44 PM
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Nobody is going to fix a 30 year old original Handycam. You need to determine if the camcorder is the problem, or the playback device. Find a known good playback deck and see if the tapes you record play fine OR find known good 8mm recordings and try them in the EV-C8. Sony's late 80s/early 90s gear is all suffering from leaking surface mount capacitors. I wouldn't be surprised if its a problem with the capstan electronics (late 80s Betamax decks commonly have capstan regulation problems from a leaking cap), but that could also be worn belts or idlers in the tape mechanism of either device.

If you are going for the "retro" look, find a mid 80s video camera that has a composite output and find a digital recording solution. You get the look without the hassles of dealing with analog tape.
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08-04-2015, 02:01 PM
ophirkutiel ophirkutiel is offline
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tnx so much for your replay!
i guess the player is good . when i record video coming from my computer straight to it it records and plays perfectly ..
would be very sad to find out the camera cant be fixed spent some $$ on it..
ill give the lab another chance just before i go with your solution ..
thank u very much!

-- merged --

ok now im totally confused

when i play the same tape on another handycam instead of the the video8 player
the distortion acts differently ..
(on the player its horizontal lines going from top to bottom and from the other camera its just random and sometimes completely gone )
i mean if its a head alignment problem with the M8 isn't the distortion recorded on the tape and should be seen the same on any player ?
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08-05-2015, 10:53 AM
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If already no right playback device exists, as for example one from the Sony row EVO
[9700p / 9800p / 9850p]
then I would access a D8 camera.
Some a few have for playing of video 8 and Hi8 built-in TBC.
The Jitter is also stabilised.

I have here a short time ago a picture highly loaded where is shown that the Sony DCR TRV 120 for it is suitable.
From this camera spend the picture, however, by Y/C, for example, to a Blackmagoc shuttle USB3 and from there by HDMI to an easy Blackmagic cut map in the PC.

The Blackmagic maps have everybody no built-in TBC and with the Jitter correction they are not able to do it also, but if the signal is delivered in "time-steady" form, they can digitize at least it perfectly.

Do not forget.... YouTube encodes always anew... and also which DeInterlacer they use there, one does not know.
Always the Deinterlacer select... when one absolutely in progressively wants to encode.
Mostly half of the movement information is thrown away there.

I have here manuals with the exact description to your mistake picture, is, unfortunately, in in German....
..... if I translate this, I hear resounding laughter.

There are still other solutions for digitize from video 8 and syndicate members... DMR ES10 / 15 / EH65....
the best what we start is here the Canopus NX map. Has concluded in the big analogous Capture test also Best. However, marches only with Edius.

almost never forget...... directly in MP4 [AVC + AAC] encode with the Capturen... only late after the filter with Avisynth or NeatVideo....... always in uncomprimiert or easily compressed in Lagarith.
Pr Uncom. + also Lagarith are without loss.

Have liked almost from the chair as me the Capture result, however, has seen... I get up again.

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08-07-2015, 11:51 AM
ophirkutiel ophirkutiel is offline
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tnx so much for your answer!
i will try to find a better player and see how it goes ..
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ntsc\pal, sony ccd m8u, video8

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