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I have both the Sony DVP-NS70H and the DVP-NS725P that I can "use" to play DVD's for transfer/filter through the AVT TBC and a Simma color corrector to a DVD recorder with the LSI chip, which sony would do a better job, I have found the following info.

The 725P has Precision Drive 2 with Dynamic Tilt Compensation and Block Noise Reduction, a Digital Video Enhancer, Digital Video EQ, and Custom Picture Mode.

The 70H has Precision Drive 3 System that detects image changes at the pixel level, and optimizes the picture using special algorithms. Resulting in sharp backgrounds with moving objects that are virtually free from motion artifacts, I haven't read if this unit has the NR, enhancer etc.

Don't know if that helps.
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Generally you don't want to play a DVD into a DVD recorder. There are software methods to filter already-digital video, and those are almost always superior to digital>analog>digital method you've suggested.

A TBC isn't really necessary, not usually, in a digital>analog>digital workflow. TBC is really only a necessity when the analog is from a chaotic/unstable source, like a video tape.

In terms of pure DVD player quality, "noise reduction" (specifically "deblocking NR") is one of the most important features a DVD player can have. HDMI, component, DTS, etc -- the things most people get sidetracked with -- are meaningless if the image quality is blah.

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02-13-2010, 05:39 PM
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Are you saying that the digital video on the dvd is output by a dvd player as analog...I didn't know that.
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02-14-2010, 03:58 AM
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Excluding DVI and HDMI, everything is analog, yes.

Component, composite, s-video, coaxial, VGA -- all analog outputs.

A DVD player, DVD recorder, computer s-video out, etc -- it merely processes the digital signal, outputting an analog signal for display, by means of a digital>analog converter (DAC). The DAC's quality can vary machine to machine too, which explains why some DVD players output video that look like crap, and others do not.

Between both recorders and players, there are only a dozen or so DAC chipsets out there. Most of the best ones (primarily found in DVD recorders), and the worst ones (mostly found in cheapo Chinese no-name players like Cyberhome), are now long gone. What we're left with is a sea of mediocrity.

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Very interesting!
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