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02-12-2018, 03:41 AM
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Looking for references for people who refurbish modern/recent JVC SVHS decks. I know of Tom Grant's work with the 1980p (even have a deck en route to him now) but what about JVC decks? In particular I have a 9911U that seems to work OK despite having the build quality of a tin can, but I'm unsure whether to hang on to it not knowing whether there are people out there who know how to work with a unit like this.
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02-12-2018, 03:55 AM
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I don't advertise myself, but I can repair JVC sometimes. In fact, coincidentally, I'm doing it tonight. I have two identical bad decks here (one broke on me pre-2012, one after 2012), bought a 3rd for parts some months back, and hope to fix both of them now. It doesn't help that it's one of the more obscure models now, not as easy to locate.

TGrant is discontinuing a lot of his JVC work, from what I've heard, to focus on the Panasonics.

Deter can do it, too.

Now then, the 9911 is indeed a cheap deck in terms of construction. I think the transport of both the SR-V101 and HR-S9911 both suffer due to it, and you do see more timing errors (especially skew) as a result. eBay is always full of for-parts or "working" (barely, not really) 101 decks. Those were not made to last like the x600/7/8/900 lineage (SR, 7x00, 9x00). That was JVCs end-of-line (EOL) models. Don't misunderstand me, good decks when working. But with those getting to be 15 years old now, they're dropping like flies (like the Panasonic 1980s).

^ Posts like this make me sound like a grumpy old-timer -- like orsetto @ VH; nice guy but really negative -- but its just the raw truth of the matter.

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