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I have a Sony DCR TRV 350 camcorder. It can play Reg 8mm, Hi 8 and digital tapes. Half way through transferring Reg 8mm to my computer image/footage no longer appeared although counter is still there. If I FF image show which tells me there is something there. This has also happen to me on another digital ONLY camcorder playing back same tape on same camcorder. I tried clean the head with no results.
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This may simply be bad contacts somewhere, I had the same issue with a TRV330, and it was solved by opening it and generously cleaning the ribbon cable contacts and electronics with with electronic cleaner (don't get that stuff on the tape path or on the oiled mechanism though.) Unfortunately it later developed other issues. Be very careful when opening if you decide to try, as the ribbon cables can be quite fragile.

Also see this video of a (former) repairman fixing a DCR-TRV130 with a similar issue.
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What is the age and brand of the tapes? Some early 90s tapes are having problems with playback, likely due to lubricant or tape shedding clogging the tape heads.
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