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01-22-2019, 09:08 AM
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I am having an issue all with my DataVideo TBC-3000.

At first, everything goes right. But after some minutes, it suddently generates a green sceen. At that moment, I have to stop the vcr, power off the TBC and start it again. It does the same thing after some minutes. Nor the Pattern switch, neither the Gen-lock switch have any effect. Both sources have the problem, but not at the same time.

The system has never been move or modified. Everything worked flawleslly until last week.

I hope the touble is not as bad as I think.
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01-22-2019, 09:50 AM
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Don't panic yet. Most TBC issues are power related.

Be sure to always plug a TBC into a UPS, as these devices are not protected from power under/over voltage like consumer devices. Power issues will leech into the adapter and components when not protected, and that will often harm the irreparably.

Realize that DataVideo TBCs often eat PSUs (AC adapters), and those fail within a few years of continuous use. The power requirements of most DataVideo units are printed on the back, 9V 10W (1.2A) in the case of the TBC-3000. Simply replace it. Now you'd normally replace it with the same model, but question is whether it was truly providing adequate power to begin with. DataVideo had a habit of including under-powered adapters, in the 800-1000mA (0.8-1A) range, and those pooped out sooner. A 9V 2A is safe, as is anything in between. I don't remember the exact thread, search for it, but I listed out several known good models of replacement adapter, as well as the original OEM that was properly rated.

(For a time there, I was keeping those lesser adapters for myself, and the excess units I had sold, but in more recent times I just throw out anything not to full rating for any TBC. I think you got the TBC-3000 from me, but I'm not sure what I included, if anything. I didn't always have extra PSUs, for the same reasons of being eaten like candy.)

In essence, hopefully a cheap $10 fix.

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