01-25-2021, 02:21 AM
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Hi I am trying to capture some home videos to my PC using a Hauppage USB Live 2.
Handicam is Canon UC-V1000

I have plugged my old handicam into the PC via the USB Live 2, and have tried to capture using both the Hauppage software and VirtualDub.

Unfortunately I am experiencing a lot of artifacts that look like warping/rolling shutter when viewing and recording the capture stream on my PC, in both softwares.

However the videos appear fine when playing on the handicam while they are being captured to the PC.
- Basically I play the video on my handicam while its plugged in to PC, and I can see on the Handicam viewfinder the video appears as it should, but in the capture software its jumping around a lot.

I have attached some screen grabs and a test video file to show the issue.

Hopefully someone here can help me with this

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Capturing analog video require some form of TBC.

You can attempt to use a minimalist ES10/15 (crippled line TBC + non-TBC frame sync), but it has a fail rate, and you get the downsides of ES10/15 (posterization, always-on NR, PAL luma hotness).

Or the more ideal method is a line TBC in the camera (cleans the image), and an actual frame TBC (cleans the signal), you need both.

What you're seeing may even be a combo of Win10 being Win10, as it causes many capture issues, nukes drivers at every updates. Combined with bad incoming signal that had no TBC. That's actually most likely here.

That Hauppauge isn't the best card, but should not at all look that terrible. So it's not a simple matter of getting another card.

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01-25-2021, 05:30 AM
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Here's what an ES-10 can do for you. Have a look at the two youtubes in this post on Videohelp:


The ES10 (or 15) goes between the camera and the Live 2. Use S-Video cables if possible.
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01-25-2021, 11:58 AM
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That's a combination of low quality camcorder and a weak capture device not handling composite pretty good, Not all capture cards have good comb filter separation even brand name ones, Some may even struggle with an already separated Y and C (S-Video) signal if the camcorder is that $hitty. A camcorder built in line TBC/DNR with S-Video out will solve most of your problems.
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handycam, hauppauge usb-live2, virtualdub capture, windows 10 64bit

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