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I'm thinking about replacing the version of HuffYUV v2.1.1 CCESP Patch v0.2.2 which I have installed with v0.2.5. Are there any problems (such as capture rates, file size, compatibility, quality, etc) with using v0.2.5 for capturing and editing instead of v0.2.2? One difference I noted is that v0.2.5 doesn't have a Field Threshold option in the Virtualdub 1.9.11 HuffYUV configuration dialog. I know the multi-threaded version isn't recommended, but didn't know if there were any issues or reasons not to use v0.2.5? I'm currently using Virtualdub 1.9.11 for capture, and 32 and 64 bit versions of Avisynth+, Virutaldub2, FFMPEG, TMPGEnc, etc for editing/encoding of VHS and 8mm analog tapes.
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