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I have been playing with Black Magic Design Intensity Shuttle for Thunderbolt. Will probably use workflow:
LD player Pioneer Elite LD-S2 Composite out -> Panasonic DMR-ES25 Component -> Black Magic Design Intensity Shuttle for Thunderbolt.

BM has 3 options: 8 bit uncompressed MOV, 10 bit uncompressed MOV and DPX.

I have no idea what DPX is? I was planning on recording in either 8 bit or 10 bit uncompressed MOV and then convert it to Huffyuv AVI using AVISynth QTInput.

First off all for the source such as LD is 8 bit uncompressed MOV good enough? Or would 10 bit be more preferred?
Second question is: am I losing the quality if I perform conversion to Huffyuv AVI using QTInput? I don't want to keep uncompressed since it takes too much disk space. But I don't want to be losing video quality either.
Third - what the hell is DPX? Just sequence of images?

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Why not HDMI?

BlackMagic 10-bit uses the v210 pixel format, which isn't supported by Huffyuv.

DPX is used for post production work: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DPX
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Thank you. I couldn't make HDMI work yet. BM doesn't recognize the signal. I have ordered this http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...?ie=UTF8&psc=1 as suggested. I will see if it's going to recognize HDMI.

I will go with 8 bit after reading this:


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07-26-2014, 07:37 AM
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Originally Posted by metaleonid View Post
I will go with 8 bit after reading this:
Bumping this post, because it's still relevant. Again, seeing a lot of questions lately, on this very topic.

And I wanted to quote that site:
8- and 10-bit sampling. In principle, 10-bit encoding is superior in clarity to 8-bit, due to the reduction in tonal contouring and other artifacts. Some specialists argue, however, that there is no benefit for certain classes of material. One university expert wrote, "We digitize Betacam SX tape to 8-bit UYVY but Digibeta to 10-bit V210 because these selections align with the nature of the data that is actually sent out over SDI from these tapes. . . . SDI is 10-bit data, but when I piped the SDI video data from an SX tape to a binary display I could see the 9th and 10th bits were always zero. Thus by taking only the first 8 bits I could get all meaningful data . . . . I have about 3,000 SX hours to preserve and choosing 8-bit instead of 10 saves me about 90 TB of storage" (private communication).
In my opinion, for all analog formats, 8-bit is plenty fine, and 10-bit is overkill. I think 10-bit is best for the ITU-R Recommendation BT.709 color space, as used on modern formats.

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8- vs. 10-bit would depend on what one intends to do with the captured material, and to a certain extent the image content.

8-bit is fine for most purposes - the human eye is only good for about 7-bits of gray scale. 8-bits should look like a smooth gradient, 6-bits can look banded, and 7-bits will depend on how good the viewer's eyes are (and the display of course).

However, if one intends to do a significant amount of editing, especially large amounts of color correction, brightness/contrast adjustment, or filtering then 10-bit may (its not assured) give a nicer end result due to reduction of truncation artifacts. (6 dB of gain applied to an 8-bit gray scale will brings it down to 7-bit size steps.) It will be more apparent in images with large areas of relatively uniform brightness; e.g., sky, flat walls, etc.
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