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let me explain. Tivo is the old model that doesnt get as many HD channels.

HR 20/21 is the newer HD DVR Model. Its no longer Tivo.

HR 20/21

More Channels
- HD National Channels - 90 HD Channels today & capacity for 150 MPEG4 national HD Channels in 2008

More Storage
- Usage Meter - in My Playlist shows how much space you have left
- MPEG4 - Compression nearly doubles the amount of HD programming you can save
- Large 300 GB Hard Drive - More Hours of Storage
- External Hard Drive Option- lets you add an external hard drive giving you even more recording time

More Speed
- Quick Response - no more of TiVo’s constant “Please Wait” messages
- Quick Record - Press ® RECORD. Done!
- Quick Series Link - Press ® RECORD twice to set up a Season Pass! Done!
- Faster Fast Forward - 5, 12, 20, or 90 times faster than normal play speed! Plus Skip to Tick at 300x speed!

More Control
- Better Parental Controls - MA Titles & Description can be blocked as well as normal program locks & limits
- RF Remote Option - lets you control the HR20 when it is behind a cabinet door or in another room
- Control Two HR20’s - Control two HR20’s from one HR20 Remote!
- Watch One HR20 in Multiple Rooms - Use a second RF remote & the multiple video outputs!
- All Video Outputs - Work at the same time!
- Better Conflict Resolution - If you record a 3rd show at one time, choose to delete either previous or new requests!
- Soft Buffering - Extend a first show a few minutes longer and start next show a few minutes early-on two channels
- Bookmarks - Bookmark a great play or a funny line to jump back to later

- Remote Booking - Let’s you schedule a program from a PC or even a cell phone!
- Suggestions - From any PC, My TV Planner makes suggestions that you can set using Remote Booking.
- DIRECTV On Demand - Offers thousands of additional movies and programs any time
- Interactive Channels - Sports Mix and News Mix let you watch eight channels at once!
- Media Share - Play music, photos, and videos from your PC (even if it is not a Viiv PC)
- 30 Second Skip – The Advance button can be programmed to instantly skip 30 seconds: Keyword Search 30SKIP.
- Picture In List - Keep watching your show while you check the Guide or My Playlist (Now Showing)
- Fast Forward Autocorrection - From Fast Forward press PLAY. The HD DVR knows where to start playing.
- Caller ID - Caller ID onscreen pop-up option - Press MENU then click Calls & Msgs #61664; Edit Settings #61664; Caller ID
- Native Mode - Press MENU , click Help & Settings #61664; Click Setup #61664;Click Display
- Dolby® Digital 5.1Audio - Press MENU #61664; Edit Settings, Press the - GREEN button, click Dolby ON
- Record XM Music for Later playback
- No Phone - You only have to keep a phone connected for Pay Per Views and Remote Booking
- Better Pay Per View Billing - Pay when you PLAY a PPV show not when you Record a show!
- Group Delete - Delete multiple shows at once
- Group Play - Play multiple shows automatically
- Single Wire Multi-switch lets you run a single cable to the HD DVR (rollout in 2008)

thats just some of them. But need all the hd channels. More sets to create :-). plus with the 5 Sat Dish i get a lot of channels already. So im find with my DVR to DVD option.
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