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I recently added a Datavideo DVK-200 to my workflow, which is now: Sony TVR66 camcorder -- Panasonic ES15 -- Datavideo DVK200 -- ATI AIW 9600XT. In my SVHS workflow, I start with JVC HR-S3900 (non-TBC).

In my first captures of 8mm tapes, I have been getting at most 2 dropped frames over 90 minutes, and I think the dropped frames are happening when I press play on the tape. I haven't yet tested a VHS tape, which I guess might be less forgiving than my 8mm home movies. But assuming I get the same results, is that it? Can I take down the Datavideo TBC-1000 poster from my bedroom wall, and put back up my Tyra Banks poster?

In other words, if the audio and video are in sync after 120 minutes, and VirtualDub is showing no dropped or inserted frames, or just 1 or 2, can I conclude that the "weak TBC" of the DVK-200 is doing the job, and I can stop pining for the TBC-1000?

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Dropped frames is merely a single issue that can (should) be corrected.

I just don't have time to explain this further right now. So, in brief:
Frame TBCs fix the signal. Sometimes that has overlap with macro/overall visuals. Not mere visual issues fixed by line TBC. If you're paying attention to the capture, and see oddities, odds are it's lack of true TBC. This gets far more apparent when you go beyond SP mode 1st gen tapes.

Overall, your setup there is decent. At worst, it'll do the bulk of your project. Assuming SP and 1st gen, at least.

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