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11-09-2022, 09:11 AM
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I have an old TV Tuner card by AverTV that uses the CX23102 chipset, and it's very bad for VHS if you don't put a TBC in between. It doesn't tolerate time base errors.

That Io Data device is a clone of this: https://www.yuan.com.tw/products/cap...rnal/pd652.htm

It even uses the same drivers. I have another one from them that has HDMI and SDI inputs as well, and the composite/S Video decoder is still the same (TW9910). Somehow it performs differently on SECAM, maybe due to some internal configuration.

It's very good for PAL. You'd only need a TBC in between if the tape is really bad, or LP playback.
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11-09-2022, 03:49 PM
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The only difference between NTSC and NTSC-J is in level of the signals (0 IRE, such as PAL, versus 1 IRE)
FWIW: Analog black level (aka set-up) is 0 IRE for NTSC-J and 7.5 IRE for NTSC (USA).
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11-25-2022, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Crazyates View Post
The EzMaker 7 does use the Conexant CX23102 chipset, same as the VC500 and the Hauppauge 610 USB-Live 2. Why are the EzMaker 7 and the VC500 junk, but the Hauppauge USB-Live2 is on your Suggested consumer capture cards list?
That exact post was written over a decade ago, and sorely needs updates. Hauppauge makes production changes, and even recycles model numbers, so the "model" of card can be somewhat meaningless. The card referred to in that post is long gone, and almost everything you now find is from later in the cycle.

While most content is time-locked, evergreen, some small % of info has changed over time.

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11-25-2022, 05:05 PM
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The card referred to in that post is long gone, and almost everything you now find is from later in the cycle.
Why do you spread false information? The video IC inside the Hauppauge USB-Live 2 was CX23102 10 years ago and is CX23102 today.

A link to the 2012 linux page of the card: https://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.p...uge_USB-Live-2

A channel on S-VHS / VHS capture and AviSynth restoration https://bit.ly/3mHWbkN
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