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I have an SL-HF860D betamax vcr with unknown history, and there is an issue with the video (see attached video sample).

I have tried cleaning the heads several times and it hasn't made any difference whatsoever. Does this appear to be damaged video head(s) or something else?

The noise pattern is exactly the same on all my BIII recordings. BII recordings play better but the noise is still a bit visible. The attached sample is from a known-good tape that plays fine in other betamax players.


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04-10-2023, 10:40 PM
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That's not head damage, It is a static noise caused by external interference or internal ground loop, Make sure the ground strap on the head drum is clean and firm, Move the VCR away from any radio interference.

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Thanks - I don't think it's external interference since I'm using it in the same work area where all my other VCRs operate fine. Just to be sure, I moved it and my c64 monitor to another room with no other electronics in it and it displayed the exact same behavior.

I will check the ground strap on the head drum and report back - hopefully I can find it
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