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Hi all
Any reason to get Hauppauge USB-Live 2 over my Avermedia EZ maker 7 C039 Card?
I'm using Windows 7

Is the Hauppauge chip considered better?
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09-28-2023, 12:16 PM
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Both of those have issues.
Not the worst (ie, not an Easycap aka Easycrap; not Elgato junk), but also not good/best.

Cards sold "new" in the 2020s are not what you want do quality capture. Not just image quality, but a quality capture experience. Everything you see on Amazon is cheap Chinese USB junk, HD that "also does" SD (and badly), or 2nd-tier cards that were passed over in the 00s-10s (ie, why still stocked, mostly NOS).

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