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What is the current best method to seting up my recently acquired ATI TV Wondwer 600 usb dongle on my Windows 7?
I have Vdub set up and Huffy integrated successfully, i think.
Do i need to make a cd of the iso of the software?
I have muddled my way through this forum looking for an answer and the one i think i need to implement are from very old posts.
Do I need Crossbar Thingy for this capture device ?
Please help me figure out the most recent correct method to utilize this dongle?

After that I will hook everything up and do some testing.

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Magic ISO (Magic Disc) freeware to load ISO as virtual drive.
No Crossbar Thing.

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02-12-2024, 05:58 PM
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Can you provide me more details? Maybe a link to the prefered method or downloads pleeeeeeeasze?
thank youi

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Anyone have any advice? please

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Lord Smurf please help me pick the right method. Do you have a link to a method that works
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02-17-2024, 02:53 PM
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For my ATI 600 USB I downloaded the drivers provided by Lord Smurf (https://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/vid...i-600-usb.html) and transferred them to my capture PC with a USB drive and installed.

I'm using it on Windows XP by the way. Also have huffyuv.dll and huffyuv.inf at the root of my OS drive. Didn't need to use any extra software. When I open Vdub it has the ATI 600 selected by default.

The very old posts here are some of the most helpful, and all the info you should need regarding ATI 600 is stickied. Sorry if this isn't helpful, I'm mostly going off of memory. But for my ATI 600 and Windows XP it was very simple to get set up. I'm assuming the process should be the same for Windows 7. Have you attempted to capture anything with it yet?
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Figured I'd at an additional data point.

I was using a dedicated laptop with Windows 7 and had all sorts of fun issues with audio drift with my ATI Wonder 600 USB. After fighting with it on and off for a month, I finally gave up after about 4 hours of additional testing today.

So, I went nuclear and installed Windows 10 1607 (has to be pre-Creators Update), blocked all methods for Windows Update, and installed the ATI Wonder 600 USB driver (was fairly easy to obtain, but I attached them here for posterity). Captured several hours of perfect video across multiple tapes with no audio drift. Soon to update my original post with that as well but stopped here along the way.

Hope this helps someone in their journey -- the performance with Windows 10 is significantly better than it was with Windows 7 in VirtualDub. I'm sure drivers played a factor.

Attached Files
File Type: zip ATI Wonder 600 USB Drivers (Win10).zip (11.93 MB, 1 downloads)
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