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from e-mail...

My (second in 8 years) ATI AIW 9800 Pro is beginning to fail. I need your recommendation for a replacement as they are getting hard to find. I capture video from my Satellite DVR using MMC 8.5, at 720x480, 8mb/sec, MpegVCR and Ulead DVD Workshop v2.0. It was such a bear to set up, I would like to find a capture card that will still use this software. (Visiontek or Diamond?). I appreciate your help.
Thank you
This is a short and easy answer: eBay.

At this very moment, I see plenty of 9000-series cards available. Unless you're trying to play video games from a few years ago, the "9800" part does not matter much, as that is simply the graphics engine. The 9000-series all had the Theatre 200 MPEG capture chipset that you're after.

I assume you're still using an AGP-card computer.

For example, here is a nice looking card: http://cgi.ebay.com/ATI-All-in-Wonde...3%3A1|294%3A50

If you need something else, let me know.

A secondary suggestion would be the Hauppauge series cards, which are PCI MPEG hardware encoders. If you don't need to clean up the video any, and don't mind learning new-but-similar software (sort of close-ish), then these work. The PVR250 and PVR350, which can be more costly AND harder to find than ATI AIW 9000 series.

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