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Based on how much you guys recommend both the JVC DR-M10S and DR-MV1S DVD recorders here, I bought 2 of each second hand. They've been trickling in here one by one and each has something about it. *sigh*

~First DR-M10S rejected just about every disc I put in it (except for a retail one)- the one it played which I'd made myself had UGLY vertical yellow bands in the picture. When I tried to dub a VHS from my HR-9911U, the image was b&w (no bent pins, settings all on "S-video", cables all worked correctly when connected 'isolated', etc.)...

~First DR-MV1S rejected EVERY disc that I put in it.

~Second DR-M10S has the loading error. I thought I remembered reading in on-line forums that this was a common error, so I went looking for info/answers again. I was starting to fill out the request form to send to JVC and I saw where you'd contributed to a current thread on the videohelp forum: http://forum.videohelp.com/topic369006.html

Whenever the second DR-MV1S gets here, I'd say that I've already given up on this being a 'smart idea of mine'...

Is there a current/modern "stand alone" filter device that can do the same tasks as the onboard filters in the JVC recorders??

Please try to help me, if you can? I'd appreciate it very much! Thanks a lot in advance.

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I think you're blaming the machines too quickly. Let's back up, and try to analyze this slowly, a scientific process of elimination.

  • Not all "different discs" are actually different. For example, most in-store DVD blanks are made by either Ritek or CMC, and neither are what you'd consider a "high quality" blank disc. They have varying issues, from poor reflectivity to excessive defects. So I have to ask, which discs are you using, and what is the country of origin listed on the package? Get the best discs at http://www.digitalfaq.com/reviews/dvd-media.htm
  • "Loading" isn't an error. It's a generic message that says something has a problem. It could be anything from a dirty DVD to a completely fried motherboard. By process of elimination, you can slowly determine the problem's origin. Most of the "broken JVC" complaints are actually due to inferior DVD blanks. In some cases, it's even caused by poor voltage in the electrical wall socket, the machine doesn't get enough power to fully run as it should.
  • The yellow bands on playback could be from inadequate power. Is this a PAL or NTSC unit? That might be an issue too. I would guess you have a unit with a USA power cord, but there's no telling what could have been done to the machine before you got it. It could be a NTSC power plug on a PAL unit.
  • The B&W signal direct from the 9911 sounds like anti-copy (or some other actual tape error that the DVD recorder thinks is an anti-copy protection). This is common to pretty much every capture card and DVD recorder, the reason most of us have to have full external TBCs to defeat this silly form of anti-copy. Macrovision (amongst others) is nothing more than an artificial error, so real errors often act as if the non-protected tape is Macrovision-protected.
It's highly unlikely that you have this many dud machines. I would suggest something else is at work here, or several somethings, and it's out job to locate and overcome them.

This same list of problems is just as likely to occur with any other brand/model of DVD recorder or capture card.

No, the LSI Logic Dimension chipsets are not used in any current machines, where adjustable recordings modes (FR mode), intelligent bitrate allocation (Half D1 at 3+ hours), and other de-noise filters are in use. The JVC is in a league by itself. Some of the older Toshiba DVD recorders come close (XS32, XS34, XS35, etc), but I don't have a complete list of all models (never had a chance to test them all, as some models were more obscure to locate).

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