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07-20-2010, 12:15 PM
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Are there any DVD VCR recorders that I can purchase that will record copy protected movies on TV?
No. All DVD recorders and VCRs (including those terrible combo units) are made to block all signals that have certain errors present. This includes the range of artificial video errors that create "copy protection".

Of course, the downside of such a "protection" scheme is that it blocks many non-artificial video errors. It's not uncommon for somebody to be unable to transfer their own home movies (videos they shot of their family) to DVDs or other digital formats. This is one reason that time base correctors (TBCs) have been in such demand in past years.

TBCs strip the errors from the signals, and is a device that goes between the VCR and the recording unit. You cannot use combo decks.

An alternative to the TBC, for about half the price, are the "copy remover" devices, such as the Grex. However, you'll find it only works about half the time, compared to the TBC. You get what you pay for.

Consumer combo decks were intended to provide separate units in one body. The VCR can record from TV, or play a tape. The DVD recorder can record from TV, or play a disc. These items were never designed for VHS-to-DVD transfer. (I don't care what the box or manual says -- it's a lie. There are too many flaws in analog VHS signals for that to have ever worked reliably. You'll find most units DO NOT state VHS-to-DVD transfer as being a function, or it does so with heavy warnings.)

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