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Message: I am trying to find a unit which can convert material from a NTSC source, convert it and record it to PAL
in a region free unit, and convert it back to NTSC to record the material on another DVD recording unit.
Is there suc a unit?
Not only is there not any readily available conversion system like that, I don't understand the point of it.

"Region free" is what you do to commercial DVDs, to remove restrictions on where a disc can be played. You can either do this to the hardware player, or to a disc when making a copy of it.

Regions have nothing to do with signals.

I'm unclear on what "material" and "source" is supposed to be. Are we talking tapes? Broadcasted signals? Discs? Computer downloads? What is this mystery source you have?

NTSC to PAL has quality loss.
PAL to NTSC has quality loss.
NTSC to PAL and back to NTSC will have LOTS of quality loss.
Why do this?

I don't think you're on the right track with this.

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