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Hey LS. I need a bit of advice on buying a VCR. I have been trying to get an S9600u, 9800u, or 9900u. Right now one guy wants $300 for a HR-S9600U with no remote. "Cleaned and tested by his pro video techs". I already have a JVC SR-V10U, but I'm looking to see if I can get any benefit out of the 9600 and also just to add to my VCR arsenal. I was also looking at the Panasonic AG-7650 for $70. Most of my stuff is SLP/EP home recordings. What is your opinion? Pass on it and wait or go for the Panasonic. I appreciate your input.

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A like-new 9600 is worth $300.
The HR-S9600 and SR-V10 don't operate identically, no.
Transport behaves different, TBC different, signal stability seems different.
I use both here.

The Panasonic will be better for SLP/EP tapes.
I'd rather have a SR-V10 + AG-1980, instead of SR-V10 + HR-S9600
Best of all -- SR-V10 + HR-S9600 + AG-1980!
But it all depends on budget.

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02-10-2012, 12:27 AM
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I ended up passing on it because money got short. My JVC arsenal now consists of my SR-V10U and a HR-S9911U that I accidentally bidded on and didn't mean to win it but couldn't back out. Unfortunately do to the recent need for quick cash one of these VCR's will have to go . More on that later...

Oh and I ended up getting an AG-1980 to add to the mix. Can't remember if I mentioned that here or not (been a long time). It may have to go as well.

Thanks for the info above, though!
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02-10-2012, 06:44 AM
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If you want to save $ you can try to look for a JVC HR-S7600U our HR-S7900U

From a editing perspective, they behave like the higher end JVC.

recently a HR-S7600U is gone for 120$ on ebay.

I didn't bid because I did a steal the day before I got a HR-S9600U for a very very very good price.
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