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I was looking at this UK deck. He have all keys features
  • TBC/NR
  • Digital 3R
  • B.E.S.T.
  • Picture Control
And some NTSC capability. When I did a search in the PDF file with "NTSC"
Somewhere it's written "EP is for NTSC playback only"
What does that mean?

That I cannot capture a NTSC tape that have been recorded in SP?
I will have to capture SP-tape in EP playing mode...losing some quality?

Thanks for your interpretation
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I'm attaching the JVC HM-DR10000EK user manual to this post.

The "NTSC capability" does not appear to be true NTSC output. It's simply your standard PAL-60 output, as you'll find with virtually every PAL VCR. It's not a converting VCR either, from anything I'm reading. It's just a standard high-end JVC S-VHS/D-VHS type VCR. You've already listed the important features: TBC/DNR, B.E.S.T., Picture Control. From that alone, it looks fine.

EP is only NTSC, from what I've observed through the years. NTSC has SP, LP and EP/SLP.
  • SP = standard play (2 hours on T120 tape)
  • LP = long play (4 hours on T120 tape)
  • SLP = slow play, used in 1980s and early 1990s to describe 6 hours on T120 tape.
  • EP = extended play, another way to express SLP
PAL VCRs only had SP and LP.
  • SP = 2 hours on T120 tape, 3 hours on T180 tape
  • LP = 4 hours on T120 tape, 6 hours on T180 tape
T180 tapes were not common in NTSC areas until the the mid 1990s, and those were actually T160 tapes from Maxell. By the late 1990s, we saw T180, T200 and even T240 tapes (10 hours EP), though mostly from low-quality manufacturers, rebranded by low-grade brands like Memorex. The tapes were thinner and overall inferior in every way imaginable.

There's no such thing as "SP playing mode" or "EP playing mode" or whatever. The machine must play the tape at the speed it was recorded. SP is always played at an SP speed, otherwise it's just a garbage signal.

SP and LP made good use of the tape, while SLP/EP had overlapping compression, making it a poor choice. The body that oversaw the PAL format probably opted out of the quality-compromising setting, as they had done with so many other aspects that come up in PAL vs NTSC conversations.

Attached Files
File Type: pdf JVC HM-DR10000 Instruction Manual.pdf (2.31 MB, 89 downloads)

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Thanks for you detailled explanations.

What I find "hard" about Europeens JVC S-VHS deck, it's the very few information that we can find on Europeen JVC website.
Example, about dynamic drum system, there is no mention of it in the manual and I know that there is some difference between region about features for a same model.

Example. HR-S7600EK (UK version) have no NTSC capability but HR-S7600EU (European) have and I suspect that HR-S7600U is the only version who have dynamic drum system...

P.S. If I open my HR-S7600EK deck should I know just by looking if I have Dynamic Drum system?
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Europe have all archived manuals but no archives for models features.

JVC America have some manual and descriptions features.
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