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11-14-2022, 10:58 PM
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Originally Posted by juiceycow View Post
Just a quick follow up to my post above.

- I failed to mention that my card is an AIW Radeon 9000 Pro

- The captured video had issues with stuttering when it came to deinterlacing and doubling the framerate (50fps) (I outlined the issue here)

Long story short I reinstalled the card using the drivers from the AMD website https://www.amd.com/en/support/graph...onder-9000-pro and a fresh base of WinXP SP2.

I just install the essential drivers from the two downloads:

1. Catalyst Software Suite 6.11:
Display Driver & WDM drivers.
I didn't install Catalyst Control Center - It failed, plus I don't need it anyway.

2. DAO/MDAC package (Windows Media Encoder 9, DAO/MDAC.)

I still use Audigy Support Pack 7 for my Soundblaster Audigy 2.

I capture in VirtualDub1, so there is no need for MMC and all it's garbage IMHO (after reading all these posts I thought it was a necessity).
Thank you so much! I've literally spent months trying to get this card to work, and those two drivers did the trick. I also have the same card as you. Wish i had seen this post sooner, would've saved me alot of stress and hassle lol.
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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11-15-2022, 10:49 AM
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I need to find somewhere to upload my set of drivers I have been using since 2004 onwards with every single all in wonder card I have!

I call them my "sweetspot" drivers. They have never let me down. I copied/cloned them everywhere in my stash of stuff.

I need to detail exactly what I have, will do that promptly.
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11-22-2022, 06:47 PM
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I noticed in this post here, the AIW 9700 Pro appears to be PAL. Does this mean it's the only one that can capture PAL media?

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