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I have updated my equipment and methods after trying to capture VHS tapes "my way." This is where I'm at: Playback on a JVC HM-DH5U VCR, capture with AIW Radeon 7500 using VirtualDub and HuffyUV. I encode to MPEG2 with TMPGE then author with Womble wizard.

I burned a DVD of a short clip of a commercial release VHS (Star Trek "Space Seed"). Played on my 42" Plasma. I think I'm fairly happy with the results. However, I think it's still a little fuzzy/blurry around fast motion parts. Is there any way that one of you guys could review my conversion and tell me how good or poor a job that I did? I think I'm getting close but I don't have a good reference point.

I'm starting to think that my Plasma TV is not doing me any favors but I have nothing to base that on. I was going to playback the DVD I made on a CRT but the DVD player in my basement decided to go on the fritz. I did see that my Plasma has some "settings" like MPEG noise filter or something like that. Should I review all of the settings on my TV?

OT: Someone at work asked me to convert some old vinyl LP albums. Boy, that is a whole lot easier than video.
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The weak links are:
(1) the TMPGEnc Plus MPEG encoding algorithms. Good, but not perfect.
(2) the HDTV -- plasma is known for noisy images
(3) lack of noise filters on MPEG SD sources viewed on HD device. Yes, turned them on and experiment with settings.

Digital audio is about 10 years ahead of digital video. Indeed, it's easier.

Upload some clips.
- Can you attach some 16MB files to the forum? That would be best.
- Dropbox for larger files is an alternative.
- As a Premium Member, we also provide temporary FTP space for samples. PM me to get that set up, of you want to use it.

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10-11-2012, 02:24 PM
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If I don't do any advanced editing could I just capture in MPEG using MMC and save myself time by skipping TMPGE? I think I know the answer.
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