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OOPS,I just kind of found answer to my last post, In L.S. nice chart under "Best capture format for VHS-digital???",
It mentions MPEG-broadcast, up to 20 MB/s,but i think my version of MMC (8.something) only goes up to 15 MB/s, so should I just try the highest bitrate setting and see?...And BTW,can you guys move that nice chart L.S. made to it's own section or to "guides" section,It's kind of hidden within my post?
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Lower broadcast MPEG-2 is Blu-ray MPEG-2 (15Mb/s 720x480), and I'm using that for most rare personal TV VHS recordings. This works best for video tapes being converted to digital.


There are four possible workflows:

FormatMediaSize per hourBenefitsDrawbacks
Huffyuv AVIHard drive35-40GB/hourLossless, no compression artifactssize
MPEG-2 for DVDDVD-Videomax 4GB/hourStandard DVDQuality is not "the best"
MPEG-2 broadcast bitrateHard drive or Blu-rayavg 10GB/hour (15mpbs)Better than DVD, smaller than Huffyuvnot DVD
H.264Blu-ray, HTPC~1GB/hourBetter than DVDmust encode to H.264

Note that my size for H.264 may be off (up to 2GB/hour max), as I've not measured it to date.
The downside to H.264 is that you cannot (and/or SHOULD not) capture to it directly. It's not a capturing format.
HTPC = plays in a "media center" like the Western Digital WDTV, and is stored on hard drives.

With an ATI All In Wonder card, you can capture to lower-end MPEG-2 broadcast, up to 20MB/s
Or capture directly to MPEG-2 for DVD, with slight quality loss against lossless > 2-pass MPEG conversions.
And it can capture lossless AVI via VirtualDub or ATI MMC, but VirtualDub is suggested.

So ... which one interests you most? I use all four, depending on what I feel is best for the scenario. There's no one right answer.

Personally, I suggest MPEG-2 broadcast specs, if long-term archiving family home movies.
If it's just TV recordings, and they're not impossibly rare, then I'd suggest going straight to DVD-Video MPEG specs.
If you have some sort of amazingly rare video, capture as Huffyuv, then encode it to a second "watchable" copy (DVD, fore example).

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