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01-17-2014, 07:55 AM
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Investigating avi for 550/650 using VirtualDub. Am working with only the 550 now.

1) Have seen posts that these cards are mpg2 only and that avi is not natively possible; avi is produced only by decoding mpg2. Also that they're constant bit rate only. True?

2) if they can natively produce avi, need to find a driver for virtualdub+huffyuv. Have tried the amd recommended 9.7, but doesn't recognize the 550. Had downloaded a 10.4 in 2010; doesn't work. What I have gotten to work is adding vdub after cmc, but vdub drops a lot of frames - making me wonder if the "mpg2 only" posts are correct.

3) Would like to find an mmc for more control. Have seen posts that 9.04 worked & I posted about it in the big aiw sticky. Tried 9.08 unsuccessfully - many problems such as falsely reporting no directx. Lordsmurf posted
Possible MMC 9.06/9.08 to T550P MOD
. but it depends on having orig cd which I do not. Wonder if driver problem here too.

Chasing this because the 550 seems to be giving better results than the aiw radeon 32 with my test vhs recording. Concerned that the real tapes (home movies) will have problems where more control is needed than cmc allows.
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07-25-2014, 02:53 AM
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I don't think VirtualDub would see an MPEG-only card, and allow an AVI capture.

It would be easy to tell, of course, as MPEG artifacts are not that difficult to see. This assumes the card is not 50-100mbps, the MPEG max. I doubt that for consumer cards -- most of which are 15-20mbps max. While 15mbps is mostly transparent (keyword: MOSTLY), there is an easy way to trip it up -- try to create moire patterns.

Since this is an older post, curious what you're found since then...

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