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I am currently stuck having to capture in AVI using MMC as I am having problems getting VD to function properly.

When I open the captured MMC AVI file in VD for editting I get the following error....

Stream 0 (video) has a non-zero start position of 1 samples (+33ms)
Stream 1 (audio) has a non-zero start position of 413 sample (+9ms)

I don't understand this error, what is causing it and possible resolutions.

VD will let me continue to edit the video with this warning. I then masked the head-switching noise and saved as a new file. When I open this new masked file in VD for further editing the warning appears again, but the second part about the Stream 1 (audio) is gone, but it still complains about Stream 0 (video).

Again VD let me continue, so I ran this new masked file thru the Temporal Smooth & CCD filters and saved as another new file. Now when I open this second new file in VD there no warning msg but it tries to reconstruct missing index block. When it finishes I get the following type warnings...

Index not found or damaged
Invalid chuck detected at 19174212268
Stream 0 (video) has a non-zero start position of 1 samples (+33)
Keyframe flag reconstruction was not specified in open options and the video stream is not a known keyframe-only type.

I have managed to load this last file into TMPGEnc and do a 2 Pass MPEG2 encode successfully.

All these different AVI files do not want to play back on VLC and other players.

I performed a second AVI capture of the same video, again having to use MMC. I get the same error msg as I did with the first initial unedited capture....

Stream 0 (video) has a non-zero start position of 1 samples (+33ms)
Stream 1 (audio) has a non-zero start position of 413 samples (+9ms)

.... but this time the audio is 412 samples (+9ms)

Since I have learned more on how to do this stuff, I was going to try to demux & edit the audio, but can't get Avidemux to accept these problematic files.

I have read the guides about audio editing and workflows, but was hoping to demux my initial AVI capture and use the PCM converted to WAV for editing, instead of first converting everything to MPEG2 and then having to use its lossy audio for editing. One less lossy compression.

I don't know if I am missing something with this idea that is wrong or won't work, besides the problem I have already encountered with trying to find programs that will allow me to demux PCM from AVI and then one to mux PCM or AC3 with AVI.

Thanks again for any help from anyone.
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