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04-03-2022, 02:39 AM
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Many thanks for your hint to how made a sample from the videos. I exactly need this kind of support on some points .
I have attached some samples to show you the lossless captured video quality.
Video1-2-3-4: Original tape recorded with Kyocera KX-77 video8 camera, after it was transfered to VHS. I captured with AIW system described above
Video4_DV:Original tape recorded with Kyocera KX-77 video8 camera. I "saved" with Sony DCR-TRV 345E via DV (from video8 tape)

My concern is, that the captured lossless quality is not, what I'm looking for. I would like to be ensured, that the capturing what I did, is OK (I can imagine, that with tapes recorder with this Kyocera camcorder and after transfered to VHS with "how knows what kind of" VHS recorder, that is the max quality, but I do not know really). If it is theoritically OK, than I would like to make some post-process, filtering on it, because from my point of view it is not in good state. What I do not know, how many possibility do I have to filter these. Which kind of filters should I use, ect. I'm beginner.
My second concern is the DV "saving". If we compare the Video4 and Video4_DV file, that I can state, that Video4_DV much more better, than Video4. And that is not the conclusion, what I can read from expertised peoples.
If I can reach the same quality, with AIW captured file, with filtering as the DV save, I would reach my goal.

Concerning de-interlacing, I'm not sure, that it is what I have to do, but that part is concerning to the "necessary post process, filtering question.

What is your opinion ?

Attached Files
File Type: avi video1.avi (31.75 MB, 11 downloads)
File Type: avi video2.avi (28.45 MB, 6 downloads)
File Type: avi video3.avi (73.16 MB, 6 downloads)
File Type: avi video4_DV.avi (19.92 MB, 7 downloads)
File Type: avi video4.avi (61.16 MB, 5 downloads)

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04-03-2022, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Matkori View Post
Many thanks for your hint to how made a sample from the videos. I exactly need this kind of support on some points
No problem.

Just want to note that discussion is continuing in Matkori's new thread: http://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/vide...tured-vhs.html
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11-17-2023, 04:46 PM
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I've been testing all manner of settings in VirtualDub timing screen as per this guide but have always had between 30-40 inserted frames on starting capture. Apart from disabling the drop/insert frames options (which I understand just stops reporting on them) the only setting that avoids this initial batch of inserted frame is selecting the "Correct video timing for fewer frame drops inserts".

Can anyone help me understand more about this setting please. Is this really just masking the problem by disabling reporting or does it try to do some job at software-based syncing?

I've tested with Philips VR1000/Pana NV-HS860, optionally with ES15 in the loop, all into a Hauppauge USB-Live 2. Regardless of combination I've always had the strange frame inserts on capture start. On my test tape I didn't get any inserts during playback.

It sounds good but on my initial tests it seems that audio is still slightly out of sync but nowhere near as bad as it was when 40 frames were inserted every time, skewing audio from the very start. Is this perhaps where the software approach can only do so much with the "Correct video timing for fewer frame drops inserts" option?
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