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07-22-2016, 09:20 PM
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Please find attached a google drive link to a 7 second sample of my VHS capture. It was captured using virtualdub with no audio and no compression whatsoever. The source device is a DVD-VR355 from Samsung using the S-video output. The source VHS is circa 1988 aka OLD! This is a one copy only in existence family video I am trying to clean up to the best of my abilities. Can anybody have a look at the sample and suggest what kind of filter/post processing to use along with some suggestions for settings? I have the "lord Smurf" edition of Virtualdub including the VHS capture filters he picked. I also have the full version of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 19. If anybody has any software or filters they suggest outside of that, go ahead and throw out the suggestions and I will track them down. Thank you in advance

PS: My machine is more than powerful enough to handle live capture and processing.

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