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I have captured my old vhs concert footage to avi through huffyuv. I want to eventually burn to dvd. But first I have to clean up the video and then edit by adding subtitles, cropping, authoring and burning. How should my workflow be keeping in mind that I don't want to encode and recode too many times. What should I be doing in virtual dub? My plan:
1. Clean up the avi file
2. Edit with an NLE that will save to avi with my subs included (ideas?)
3. Take that avi and open in AVStoDVD to author and burn.
4. Possibly prepare the file for YouTube upload.

My vhs footage has some overscan on the bottom, needs to be brighter, color contrast improved, and a little help with the graininess.
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Encoding/re-encoding lossless (Huffyuv AVI) won't incur any extra damage for the codecs. So you're fine there. At most, it just takes more time to encode and re-encode. But sometimes that 's what you have to do.

There really is no "standard" set of filters. I'd really need to see a sample.

Recently, I've been working on my Avisynth guide: http://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/news...-avisynth.html
And then VirtualDub guide is next.

The goal of filtering is to use as few filters as possible, and to use the least harsh settings as possible. You never want to over-process the video. So that's why there really is no "standard" set of filters.

That said, the most common issues with VHS are
- chroma noise - Camcoder Color Denoise filter (CCD 1.7)
- grain - Temporal Smoothing (no more than 3!)
- and then hiss, but audio is not really correctable in VirtualDub; another topic!

- very mild contrast/IRE tweaks - levels (0.05 increments!)

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