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I just became a member (Premium) on this site because I have been having an issue transferring old VHS tapes (NTSC format). I am trying to convert everything to digital files.

My problem is that after I do a capture on my computer, the audio and video are definitely out of sync. Specifically, the video lags behind the audio. The annoying thing is that it starts out OK, but gradually gets worse. I'd say about 30 minutes into it, it is noticeable, and then even worse as it goes along. Argh!

First I tried using a Diamond One Touch Video capture for Mac (and the software it came with, called VideoGlide). Then I tried using the Diamond again but capturing with iMovie. Then I bought an Elgato Game Capture HD and tried that. But the same problem occurred with ALL these methods.

I know to capture the audio at 48,000 Hz and the video at 640 x 480. I have tinkered with various settings, but nothing helped. I also went through an online guide that troubleshoots audio/video sync issues. It helped me rule out a lot of causes, but still didn't help me figure out what was going on. The most helpful thing I've found so far is this forum.

I am not technically savvy, but as far as I understand, the audio and video are being captured separately (I am using composite outputs). I have read posts about dropped frames causing audio/video to get out of sync. I'm assuming dropped frames refers only to the video side of things and not the audio. I read that an external timebase corrector like the AVT-8710 can help with this issue. I was about to drop more money on that, but then I hesitated because I don't know how I can tell whether dropped frames is even my issue...

The video is slightly BEHIND the audio on my captured files. Could this be a dropped frames issue or would dropped frames only cause the video to be AHEAD of the audio? I guess my thinking is that with frames missing, the video would be slightly shorter and therefore would run ahead of the audio as opposed to behind. Could it be that the video is being captured fine but the audio is off? How can I confirm whether it's the audio or video that's off?

Also, is there anything on the market that captures VHS in such a way that I wouldn't even have to worry about audio/video sync? A more unified type of capturing method, maybe? I would LOVE to have something that, due to its nature, meant it would be impossible for the audio/video to be anything BUT in sync! I understand that there are devices by Canopus/Grass Valley that work differently and are supposed to be good for handling this problem, but unfortunately, it currently says they are No Longer Available on the B&H website and I don't like to purchase used equipment online.

I feel stuck and confused. Thanks in advance for insight into what might be going on and help in resolving this issue!!!
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