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Hi all,

I have been successfully converting VHS tapes to digital through Dazzle with the help of my Panasonic AG-1980. I have converted 27 tapes so far since purchasing the Panasonic and Dazzle in September.

Today I was transferring a tape and when I finished, I went back to view it. Once I returned to start the next tape, the capture screen only shows static but the audio comes through fine. I did check to see if it still captured the video accurately, just in case. I have had cases in converting where the audio drops out on the capture screen but on playback, it is fine so thought maybe the same thing was happening.

But it plays back the same way, static lines. I tried several tapes thinking it was a dud and got another snowy screen and the 3rd tape has a green screen. All audio is fine.

I switched out my new video pin cord with another new cord, just in case it was a faulty video cord and I still get the same.

I have not adjusted the settings on the VHS or dazzle program at all. The TBC on the VHS deck is switched on.

I'm at a loss why it suddenly doesn't work anymore. Any ideas?

Thank you,
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01-07-2017, 09:38 PM
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Hi jobeis

I did not see in your post where you took the video (and audio) output from your VCR and plugged it into a video/audio input of a tv to verify that you have a good signal going into your dazzle capture device. That would be my first step.
Once you know which end to pursue i.e. vcr or computer then you can do some more tests. Scott
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01-09-2017, 02:11 PM
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Have you tried playing back tapes that you have already converted successfully, to determine if the cause is the tape or the deck? If its the deck you could try cleaning the heads by running a new blank tape, or clean the heads manually with chamois or foam-tipped swabs (not cotton swabs). If you do, I would first research it so you know what you're doing. Or you can try playing it on another VCR just to make sure the problem is with the machine. I assume you tried changing the tracking.
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