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Hi there

I have a Hi8 PAL transfer job to do and am trying to identify the issue with this footage/tape. I am capturing from a Sony Handycam Video8 T420E via Dazzle DC100 although I am having no other issues capturing from and with these devices. Can anyone help? This is an issue with 2 out of 15 tapes a customer has sent me. The others are fine. Maybe these 2 were filmed on another camera or seomthing? Any ideas?



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I can't remember the origin of these defects (tape or vcr but likely both) but i remember Jmac on doom9 had a solution for that with his multiple captures technique. You'd need avisynth and some free time...

check here to begin

What you could try before all that, is disengage the automatic tracking of you vcr and go manual to see if that gives you a more stable signal. Also try to change the audio track stereo > mono if available

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That's pretty bad. It's dirty/worn out heads with either at record or at playback stage. Bad quality / badly stored tape with the metal coming off of the surface would also do this on playback. But if after playing this tape the next one is good without cleaning the video heads I would guess it's a problem at the recording stage and not playback. If it's recorded = burned in = deterministic -> there's no help from multiple captures. If it's problem on playback, multiple captures could help.

Here's a sample of a video I did for a customer with badly damaged tape (wrinkles, scratches). 5 captures and median with avisynth.

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hi 8 footage, pal

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