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I purchased one of these for capture from VHS primarily upon seeing it as one of the recommendations for an alternative to ATI on here.

Initially I got it to work for picture only as it defaulted in Virtual Dub to no sound capture. However as soon as I switched the audio capture on, the picture disappeared - just a black screen. In my haste I returned the device and bought (wait for it...) a cheap Dazzle DVC-100 which I (when playing around with settings) found to be very solid - rarely crashes and audio sync perfect 99% of the time as long as the 'disable resync when integrated audio and video are detected' is ticked.

Anyway, I have since learnt that some devices in Virtual Dub only work on preview mode (I had the USB live 2 set to overlay). I'm on Windows 10 which I know is not the ideal setup for capturing but I will be working on a XP AGP setup some time soon. Does anyone have any experience with the USB 2 live with Virtual Dub and Windows 10? Also how much better is the USB live 2 than the often avoided DVC-100?
My main complaint about the Dazzle is the 'pixel look' noticable on diagonal shapes even at the 720 X 576 for PAL DVD resolution.
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Originally Posted by DeejayProductions View Post
Does anyone have any experience with the USB 2 live with Virtual Dub and Windows 10?
Few weeks ago I started to use a Hauppauge USB Live 2 with VirtualDub 1.10.4 32-bit and HuffYUV 2.1.1 under Windows 10 on a Asus Zenbook
laptop, and I was able to capture from S-VHS using "Overlay" as view mode.

I was satisfied with the quality of captured audio/video ("similar" to the original program, in the sense that I do not see any major degradation,
but is difficult to compare a captured stream with the original recording coming from the VCR and connected to a modern TV).

I stopped using VirtualDub because audio and video were not sync with some tape. In the timing I only checked the options "Do not resync
between audio and video streams", "Automatically disable resync when integrated audio/video capture is detected" and "Audio latency
determination" -> Automatic 30.

I used then a "custom" graph (attached) for capturing with GraphStudioNext and solved audio/video async. AVI Mux interleave option is set to
"None". The AVI Mux reports sometimes few Dropped Frames: I am investigating what does it mean in this context, because it is still unclear to me.

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hauppauge usb live, virtualdub capture, windows 10

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