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I've bought a used ATI 600 USB and with the help of this site was able to get the drivers installed and working w/ Windows 7.

Now, I'm trying to get a handle on Virtual Dub so I can do some sample captures before getting a TBC.

What are the most useful filters in Virtual Dub (I installed the version from digitalfaq.com)? I see a whole slew of them and it's a bit overwhelming - so I was wondering if there are a key set of ones that I should use. Or is this like photography where I need to select filters based on what I'm trying to accomplish?

Or do I capture first and then apply filters after the fact before I create a DVD?

Also, I need to install the Huffy lossless compression "stuff" too.

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You never filter during capture -- only afterwards, in a post-capture workflow.

This was an unanswered question or unresolved issue found during a site audit. It's hard to have an FAQ when the answers are missing, or final outcomes are unknown. At The Digital FAQ support forum, questions are never intentionally ignored, and may have been missed due to a forum glitch or human error. More details on the audit. (In some cases, threads have been edited/updated with newer information.)

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