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I need something to remove macrovision/ cgms from my old vhs tapes, either The Grex or a real TBC such as this one with basic proc amp controls and as cheap as possible .
What do you guys think ?

Also i'd like your opinion on what that guy is talking about, i quote him:
Disabling Macrovision was simple on my Toshiba (dvd recorder). A search of chip numbers found the one that generates Macrovision, and a pinout. That chip is fully configured during boot via SPI. The SPI interface isn’t used again unless you alter certain video output options in the setup menu, or insert a DVD which tells the player to activate Macrovision. And the CPU either doesn’t check or doesn’t care whether these further operations succeed. A little 555 circuit that clamps the chip select line a couple of seconds after power up did the trick. Video settings can still be altered via setup followed by a power cycle. Was quite useful when I was using a VCR as a video source selector, as it was affected by Macrovision even for that purpose.
The way he talks about it seems like a piece of cake, but i know myself i put my hands inside an electronic device and it's good for the recycle bin. Anyway this caught my attention, seems like a workable poorman's solution..just what i like. Opinions, thoughts welcome
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03-02-2018, 04:38 AM
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Forget about the big voodoo (bad unit apparently)

Anyway, i've found something interesting here it's about the 555 circuit. Now how to find the macrovision chip inside the dvdr is another story
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