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I'm having a strange issue viewing captured video in VLC. I'm using a Hauppauge USB-Live2 and a basic VCR (far from ideal, I know) and VirtualDub 1.9.11 + filters (lordsmurf's version) with HuffYUV (v2.1.1), running on a Windows 7 PC.

I ran a test this afternoon, capturing an hour from an old VHS tape. The resulting file plays back fine using MPC-HC and Windows Media Player. Video quality is as good as I can expect given the source and my setup. Also, audio appears to be in sync with the video all the way through.

When I play the file using VLC, however, only the first six minutes play without issue. After that, something goes horribly awry. Here are some screen capture:


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The video is wonky (that's the technical term, I'm sure) and the audio is hiss. As far as I can tell, VLC plays back the first six minutes over and over again for the rest of the hour.

If I open the file in VirtualDub, it plays fine all the way through.

Because I don't know what the problem is, I don't know what to search for to help fix the problem. I also don't know what additional information, if any, I need to share in order for someone to identify the problem. Is VLC to blame? Did I set something up wrong in VirtualDub? Why does the file play back fine in two other media players and VirtualDub?

(I can live with not being able to play back in VLC, although it will be annoying. I don't want to continue capturing if there's something wrong with my digitization process.)

Thanks in advance for any help and, more generally, for the wonderful resource that is the Digital FAQ forum.

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VLC has never played Huffyuv well. Use MPC.

Huffyuv is not meant for playing anyway. It's an intermediary codec for capturing and processing. There should never be a reason to watch it, aside from short viewings for processing purposes.

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That's what I was hoping to hear. Thanks.

I haven't used VirtualDub in over a decade and this is my first time working with Huffyuv. I always checked new captures with VLC (or another media player) right away as a sort of quick and easy quality control.
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