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11-13-2018, 03:50 PM
mosolygosgyilkos mosolygosgyilkos is offline
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I'm capturing some old videos from VHS and a noise appears in the sound.
(Im using an LG LV270 VHS recorder and Dazzle DVC100 to capture)

I've uploaded a sample of it:

- it is no tape issue, since it appears with each tapes of mine.
- it does not come from recording, since it also happens during playback.
- it only appears after scene changes, after the white noise sections. (That's why I'm guessing it's related with auto tracking...)
- the problem did not appear until a few days ago. Now it does it consequently.

If anyone knows the solution, or has ever met this problem, please reply.

Thanks in advance!
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11-13-2018, 04:00 PM
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It looks very much like video and audio frames both being dropped.

You have 3 problems:
- a regular VHS VCR will often cause quality issues
- DVC100 was a generic model number, with many revisions, and most of the capture cards are crap; the included software is especially junk, only use VirtualDub 1.9.x
- lack of any TBC, even TBC(ish) like ES10/15, is the #1 cause of dropped frames (and thus audio issues)

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11-13-2018, 05:05 PM
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The normal Audio tracks on VHS tapes are usually quite resilient, you lose the picture way before noticing the audio going bad. (I presume it's not Hi-Fi audio which is a different story.) Unlikely to be related to auto-tracking.

If you capture with virtualdub you can generally see from the video stats shown if it inserts extra frames to compensate for unstable video.

The internet suggests the DVC100 is a SAA7113H-based capture card, which is not the worst, especially when it comes to dealing with bad signals, doesn't mean the issue is not dropped frames as LS suggests though. It's kind of hard to hear the noise in the posted clip.

I have to LG-made decks from around that era, and they both seem to have exceptionally stable output video signals (even the Blackmagic intensity can handle it!) for whatever reason, dunno if there is some electronics in them that does it or something with it.
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11-22-2018, 02:39 PM
mosolygosgyilkos mosolygosgyilkos is offline
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Thank You for the answers lordsmurf and hodgey, and sorry for being inactive so long.
I've spent these days installing Virtualdub and trying out many settings. Virtualdub is very smart, and solves many problems I had with the previous software (Pinnacle Studio 14) (it dropped lots of frames indeed).

Unfortunately the sound problem has turned out to be caused by undulated edges of the tape. The VCR or the cassette adapter (VHSc to VHS) has damaged the edge on a few seconds when I replayed it 6-8 times to start the capturing.
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