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I'm wanting to make a couple of instructional videos using a Raspberry Pi. It really doesn't have the horsepower to run a full-screen recorder program, and even if it did I'm wanting to document the initial set-up process. I need a capture card which will allow me to connect to my Windows 10 computer(s) and record everything the Pi puts out. Final destination is YouTube, so budget is commensurate (as in, 'not much').

I've been looking at a Blackmagic DeckLink Recorder card. I know our host doesn't have a high opinion of them for analog capture, but for this application could it be workable? Or does someone have another recommendation which will give greater "bang for the buck?"
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What is the R-Pi output format?

FWIW: I've used the BMD Intensity Pro and Pro 4K to ingest SD and HD video via HDMI from a set top box, but the signal format specified in the recording program must match the input signal exactly; e.g, 1080i-60 is NOT the same as 1080i 59.94.
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EzRecorder 310 (driverless) has HDMI and Component input, it stores the recordings as mp4 on ntfs; on either a USB stick, a USB HDD, or an internal HDD.. there is a tool less trap door on the bottom and a normal Sata connector if you want to add a 2.5" hard drive (I prefer the full speed hard drive for the task, no OS dividing its attention beween apps or sharing the hard drive with the capture). Press record button to start and stop recording. Runs 180 on 'mazon, 130 on 'bay

VideoRedo will import and edit the files, but they have a special "switch" for handling Avermedia files because the encoder misstates the length of the files timestamps. VideoRedo cleans up the format and saves a copy that is editable anywhere else.

I've tried "dongle" things that promise to double as both a capture dongle, and a standalone capture box with a usb external drive. Their weak point is always the "windows or osx" device driver they provide.. and they overheat. The Ez310 is in a butter dish shell that helps with heat and you can add a USB fan on top if you feel the need.

.. this is a very specific use case, signal pampering isn't needed, nor timed recordings or EPG.. so its a rare case in which I'd recommend something like this.. and its far less than a magewell capture device. It (does) have HDMI pass-thru so you can monitor the recording on a TV or PC monitor with a spare HDMI input.

i have tried many dongles and boxes for the same thing, and the price point usually dictates stability and ease of use.. too cheap and you'll give up out of frustration.. too much and you'll have buyers regret

an internal card is also possible, if you already have it, and the PC skills.. and the time to wrangle the cables and the situation.. i could never get everything coordinated long enough in one spot.. i needed something portable and mobile

.. beware the marketing, and playing with all the onscreen tools with the remote.. it masquerades as a digital Video recorder with onscreen editor.. "for-getta-bout".. it.. use it as a tool.. edit or upload the files from the PC to the cloud and be done with it. It has ethernet and an IR blaster port.. but I've never used any of those features.. I seem to recall it can upload videos to youtube or something.. but your mileage with that may vary.

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You can try running a Pi emulator on your PC and screencap what you're doing. Instructions for setup are here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Ras...or-Windows-10/
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The "guy" from the Youtube channel "Explaining Computers" is using these monitor/HDMI recorders, they are pricey, but the workflow is super-easy.
It's one or the other...
BMD hardware needs a clean signal... the question is: can the raspberry Pi deliver that....
Most BMD hardware favours iMac Macbook Pro interface types, which doesn't help if you got a Windows Microsoft PC.
and most capture software for a Windows PC, runs only older version operating systems, so most of the time not on 7,8, or 10 And you do need a good/fast OS to capture.
So if you choose for something, you need to do good research if all will work together,(interface, capture hard/software & OS) or spend lots of money, and have no problems at all...
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pi-zero + er310

raw video clip copied straight off the SSD from the recorders ntfs drive, I used an apricorn sata to usb dongle to plug it into my desktop computer usb port then uploaded it here

recorded using the pi-zero hdmi output to er310 hdmi input

while watching on the er310 hdmi output, I used the mouse and keyboard to demo the calculator app

clip is about 2 minutes, pi boots then desktop appears around 1 minute into the clip


it takes snapshots of running or paused video or video playback

raw jpg snapshots copied straight off the SSD


video plays back in quicktime, jpg in preview on OSX
video plays back in mediaplayer, jpg in photoviewer on MSW

Attached Images
File Type: jpg PIC-190130-2211-02.jpg (12.4 KB, 7 downloads)
File Type: jpg PIC-190130-2211-21.jpg (15.8 KB, 6 downloads)
File Type: jpg PIC-190130-2212-25.jpg (42.7 KB, 10 downloads)
Attached Files
File Type: mp4 REC-2149-190130.mp4 (18.91 MB, 6 downloads)

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