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I've been asked to make DVD disks that will play in a Region 2 DVD player from the NTSC DVDs that I have set up. I've read thru the guides and searched, and it's fairly clear that the NTSC video will be playable on modern PAL Region 2 DVD machines. I have DVD Studio Pro set up to make region free disks anyway, so that's not a problem. However, I'm assuming that the NTSC encoded disk menus and images are also not a problem across regions?

So basically I just send them my normal NTSC DVD and they should be able to play them?

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NTSC DVDs play in PAL DVD players as-is, no conversion required.

Only region coding is an issue, but there is no region coding on homemade/burned discs.

BTW, PAL DVDs play in most NTSC DVD players, too! Most DVD players are made with worldwide kits from a few manufacturers. Most have region locking in hidden menus, sometimes firmware, but it's fairly easy to bypass. Macrovision is sometimes disabled this way as well.

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Thanks for the quick confirmation LS!

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One point to keep in mind. While one can change the internal region setting for a DVD drive, some drives have a limit on the number of times that the region can be changed.
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