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i have a dts file, which i demuxed from a mkv file, using tsMuxer.

when i load this dts file into DLP2 (dvd lab pro 2), the info i see is "DTS-1 3F/2R" and has a run time length of "-2:56:-15".

clearly something is wrong. when i try other dts files, i don't get this "error".

anyway, when i author the dvd and playback the video, i don't get any sound.

if i simply playback the dts file in powerdvd, i can hear the audio.

so, anyone here know what the issue is? is there some app that will "fix" the audio file?

secondly, is there an app that will convert the DTS to a AC3 5.1?
or better yet, straight from the mkv file to AC3 5.1?

appreciate all help you can give.

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forget the above question.

basically my problem is that my ac3 file is a 640 kbps audio format. and i need to either change it to a 448 kbps audio format or DTS format.

i'm not too fussy about any loss of audio, well at least if the loss is minimal / negligible.

so what is the simplest free and easy to use tool to do the conversion / re-encoding?


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actually, the 1st question still needs an answer as that was a DTS file!
sorry, it has been a long day and i've been buried with work.
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05-07-2010, 11:18 PM
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DTS is harder to work with. Most non-professional tools will simply ignore it, refusing to convert it or acknowledge it.

There's also a chance the source file you're working with is badly made. You're essentially working with an unknown quality source, as MKV is a "shared" format/container only. There's really not much in the way of official/authorized sources, or releases of any kind.

If it works on other DVDs, and just not this one, it really points to having corrupted sources.

I'm not readily aware of anything that converts DTS to AC3.

Also realize that a DVD with only DTS audio is not DVD-Video compliant. There needs to be an AC3, MP2 or WAV track, too.

NOTE: Technically, MP2 is not standards compliant to NTSC, but because most all DVD players/recorders use the same cheap Chinese MPEG playback/decoder chipsets, almost all NTSC-capable players play MP2.

You might want to also try EAC3toAC3+GUI: http://www.digital-digest.com/softwa...html#downloads
That is reported to work for DTS to AC3 conversion, with some success.

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05-08-2010, 12:44 AM
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"DVD with only DTS audio is not DVD-Video compliant. There needs to be an AC3, MP2 or WAV track, too."

yup, i read up about this.
but, luckily, my dvd players will accept the non-dvd standard stuff i have created.

"EAC3toAC3" i did try this and initially got an error.
i'll need to re-look at this today when i have more time.

thanks for your help.

-- merged --

ok i checked some previously authored dvds with DTS audio against some others that i'm working on now.

it seems the previous ones with DTS work, ie upon playback (via powerdvd) i can hear the DTS audio.

but the newer ones don't output the DTS audio.

used DLP2 for all projects, so it cannot be that app. can it?

so, i think that narrows things down to problems with the new DTS files i have.

next question to you is, how to examine / inspect the DTS file and fix it.
is this possible?

if i simply drag & drop the DTS file into powerdvd, then i can hear the audio.
it is only a problem when i author a dvd.

any ideas?

-- merged --

another question... to comply with dvd standards, how to i generate an "empty" ac3 file?

e.g. say film is 2 hours long and i want a AC3 file that has 2 hours of, basically nothing.

it will act as a dummy file to fit in with dvd standards.

any ideas how to generate such a file?

addendum - i want the file to be as small as possible so as to not waste too much space, ie for space for the video and DTS.
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02-12-2018, 05:09 AM
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Old thread, and DTS has fallen out of favor, but still curious if a resolution was ever found.

As already mentioned, it's just not an easy audio stream to work with, and home users are unlikely to have access to source that makes it desirable. There's really no benefit.

As far as generating a blank file, its easy in most audio editors like Sound Forge or Audacity.

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