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Hello All
First time user of this forum. Looks like a very interesting place to share problems, and get solutions.

I am new to audio. I had a friend who had recorded this clip, but the audio file is unhearable. Is there any way I can remove that distortion in this file. thanks in appreciation.

Please download this file and see if you can help me:


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This is not an audio issue, but rather a codec management issue.
The original audio has been lost, as this WAV file is a save of a badly decoded audio format.

For example, lately we've worked with a lot of Dolby E audio. While a number of programs "seem" to open the audio file, and will re-save it to something else (WAV, AAC, MP3, AC3, etc), all you'll get is this same loud buzz. The distortion is so bad, in fact, that it could ruin speakers. Dolby E must be properly decoded, either downmixed to stereo with an Avid Pro Tools 8 plugin, or a mono transcode through VLC.

You'll need to figure out what the original audio format was, and then properly open it, then re-save it to WAV (or whatever format it is that you're needing for the project).

This may be something that you caused, or it could be something your friend did before you ever got the file. Either way, what you have is a "nothing" file -- there is no audio in there. This WAV is worthless and can be discarded. Hopefully you still have the pre-WAV audio recording.

Another option is the recorder is damaged, and is not recording audio. However, this is less likely than a simple decode issue.

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