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I had been picking out frames from my 720x480 mpg videos, cropping them, and saving them as jpg's. I never changed the aspect ratio to 4:3 (640x480), so now I have dozens of jpg's that need correcting. Since I had already cropped them I need to adjust the width as a percentage while leaving the height alone. My very old 16-bit LViewPro allows you to do that by specifying different percentages for the width and height (in my case I need to specify 89% and 100%), but it does not have batch capability.

I have been searching for a batch utility that can do this, but without luck. Those that support a percentage specification apply it to both the height and width (in other words they do not change the aspect ratio). And since the images have been cropped I can't just specify 640x480.

Do you know of any batch utility that can achieve this?

Thanks. - mlaviolette
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10-14-2006, 12:08 PM
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Nothing comes to mind. Although years ago, I used to have 4:3 aspect ratio images from a still camera. I need them all shrunk to 640x480 for use in Premiere, as they were put onto a video slideshow.

What I did was use the Adobe Photoshop "web album" feature that makes web galleries out of image folders. I told it to make all my images 640x480, and I simply tossed the HTML pages and used the shrunk images. There were some advanced options available too, but I never really used them.

I found the feature by searching through the Adobe Photoshop help file, as well as reading some documents on the adobe.com site.

Maybe that helps?

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