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looking for a encoding,converting software called TMPGenc if anyone has a link for TMPGenc or kvcd software or are clear on this subject please let me know so I can finish my video project

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03-26-2023, 10:34 AM
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Hello to all, I have a question regarding KDVD. I been searching and found this post so I figured I would ask here instead of starting something new. I have been wanting to dabble with TmpgEnc once again as I did it years back. I found what I was looking for but I can't seem to log into it. I wasn't sure where to ask or even whom to send a message to. Here is the link I am trying to get to - https://www.digitalfaq.com/archives/...tml#post112980

I try to click on something to download and it asks me to log in but then I get a screen that says I have provided invalid login credentials. I obviously have login because I am here asking why it won't let me on that page. I also can't seem to get to it after I do log in. Is it because it is an archive page? Do I need to do something different to get to it?

Yes, I know there is other stuff I could use today but I'd like to mess with KDVD again.

Thanks for the help and sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.
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coding, converting, dvd, tmpgen.

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