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First, you need 3 pieces of free software:


http://dspguru.doom9.net for BESWEET and GUI (official site)
http://www.tmpgenc.net/e_download.html for TMPGENC (official site)

Click here to download BESWEET/GUI off this server. This is the one used in this guide. It's a ZIP file. Use WINZIP to unzip the file. Extract the files to "C:\Program Files\Besweet". The software we'll be using is in "C:\Program Files\Besweet\GUI 07b" folder and is called "BeSweetGUI.exe". You can drag a shortcut to your desktop to make it easy to find.

Any new TMPGENC is fine. The 30-day trial is for MPEG2 encoding. The MPEG1 and TOOLS of the software are freeware, no expiration. We're not encoding anything anyway, just using the TOOLS.

====== SPECIAL NOTES ============================

This guide is being made for a specific person (moore), so be sure to copy the WAV files off the DVD's onto the hard drive of your computer. Remember where you put them.


WAV audio cannot be muxed with MPEG video. Only MP2 (MPEG layer II audio) and AC3 (dolby digital) can be muxed with MPEG video. "MUX" means to "multiplex" or "merge" the audio and video into a single file.

Open BESWEET GUI. Important stuff in red boxes, with numbers. You'll see this:

#1 Set the location for where you want to save the MP2 files. Type anything in as the filename. I usually just mash some keys. This will not affect your file names in any way.
#2 We want the MP2 encoding option
#3 This is the TOOLAME options, the MP2 encoding options.
#4 This is the BATCH mode button. I never use single mode. This is why we did not bother to set a source in #1.

Go into the TOOLAME options:
All things shown in red boxes. We want to use MP2ENC, not TOOLAME. Set audio to 256k stereo.

Now that it's all setup, go to BATCH MODE. Open up MY COMPUTER, and then drag all the WAV files into this window. Click WAV -> multiple MP2's.

Sit back and wait. It should not be more than a couple of minutes per file. You're looking at 10 minutes max for a couple of movie-length files.

====== STEP 3 === FINAL === MUX A/V IN TMPGENC ======

You've got M2V video files, and now WAV and MP2. The M2V video files are to be muxed with the MP2 audio files to make MPG a/v muxed files.

This uses TMPGENC. Go under FILE -> MPEG TOOLS

Then it'll open up into this:

Do not worry about the stream TYPE. It sets itself to what it needs.

Open the video M2V. Open the audio MP2.
Name the output file as desired.
Click RUN

Sit back and wait for the new MUXED file.

Muxing is only needed for stubborn software that refuses to import separate streams. This is generally many authoring software and some non-NLE editing software.

To save yourself MUX time, don't do them one at a time. Open up several instances of TMPGENC (open the software again!), and make the system do a couple of them at a time. You can normally do 3-6 at a time. Speed depends on the system RAM/CPU. On a P4 1.8 with 1GB RAM, it may takes 20 minutes to mux a handful of files.

This whole guide will mux your files in 30-45 at most.

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