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Hello again dear forum.

So I finally aquired D-VHS deck (PAL) and I'm figuring out how to encode a compliant output file.
My struggles are documented here and here.

The only problem that remains is the video bitrate. It exceeds the maximum bitrate of 14,1Mbps.
I have also tried ffmpeg and Avidemux (this one cannot set 19,1Mbps muxing bitrate, only has natural numbers), but the same problem remains.

Any ideas?

The command code looks now as follows:
ffmpeg -i INPUT -f mpegts -dn -sn -c:v mpeg2video -profile:v 4 -level:v 8 -qmin 2 -b:v 14100000 -minrate 14100000 -maxrate 14100000 -bufsize 1835008 -bf 2 -g 15 -dc 10 -me_range 127 -vf scale=720:576:sws_flags=spline+accurate_rnd+full_chroma_int+full_chroma_inp:out_color_matrix=bt601,format=pix_fmts=yuv420p -aspect 16:9 -color_primaries bt470bg -color_trc gamma28 -colorspace bt470bg -r 25 -acodec mp2 -ac 2 -ar 48000 -b:a 384k -muxrate 19140000 OUTPUT.TS
I guess meddling with video bitrate settings is the key, but I lowered the max bitrate to 11400000 ad removed min and average value and it still resulted in ~18Mbps video.

By the way, does SD D-VHS support progressive scan?
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