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07-24-2010, 01:55 PM
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Wanted to share this recent PM conversation, as it may help others.
Please remember to keep all tech questions in the forums!

I'm having a weird problem. I'm trying to rip a match from 1 DVD, and put it on another one. When I rip it and put it on the new dvd, the match plays in like, fast forward....I've done it twice, and it's done this both times.
Why is it doing this, and how can I fix it?
My initial response is that I didn't really know, I'd need to think about it for a little while. That's an odd sounding error, nothing immediately came to mind as to why an MPEG file would appear to play fast forward. I could only guess that it had something to do with framerate, but that still didn't sound right.

The next PM was...

When I try to play it in VLC Media Player, it plays fine...but when I burn it onto another DVD, that's when it plays in slow fast fwd. I have to get this onto another disc, it's for my set, it's a very important video..

Can you try to guess or something? Could it maybe be some kinda copy protection? Cause it plays fine on the original DVD that I ripped it from..
but it's a homemade dvd, so I don't know if they couldve put protection on it?

But any kinda advice would be of big help...
Something was clearly happening at the authoring stage. This pointed to the MPEG file header having incorrect data. Again, this might be related to the framerate information being set wrong.

My initial suggestion is to use Restream to repair the file. (Search the forum for it, it's available for download on this site.)

No, it's not copy protection. Home users have no way to add any kind of protection, period.

But before I could send a well-written reply, I got this next PM...

I got it fixed. I imported it into Womble, and clipped off a small piece of the end, and put that onto the DVD and it works great now. Not sure what the problem was, but luckily that worked.
As a side effect, Womble MPEG editors tend to further clean video streams. All it takes it chopping off a frame and the end and/or beginning, forcing Womble to create new MPEG headers.

You can also correct AC3 audio mismatch (AC3 audio sync problems) by re-encoding the audio to another format, such as MP2 with a higher bitrate.

So, that's that.

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