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I have been fooling around trying to learn Vegas 6.0. Needless to say I am a novice. I have converted my video to AVI and have gotten down the basics. However, there are a few bad frames I want to remove. To clairfy, the bad frames are bad movie frames (not dropped video frames)from the film I transferred from. When they made a cut between scenes there is a flicker (bad splice or cut when filmed). This is black and white video from 16mm film. It amouts to one or sometimes a few frames (max 3-4 frames). They are easy to isolate in the timeline. What I want to do is to remove the bad frams(s) and just copy and paste the same number of good frames directly preceeding or following the cut without messing up the audio sync. I read all kinds of stuff on the web about this but I need to know if I can cut and past a single frame in Vegas without messing up the audio? If so, How? The final goal is to fix the cuts, apply a filter or two and then convrert back to MPEG2 and author a new DVD. I'd appreciate it if anybody out ther can tell me how to do this or direct me to someplace that can show me. Thanks in advance.
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I generally do this in Premiere or Final Cut Pro, but I can try to do it in Vegas. The methodology really should be the same. Once you use one NLE, they all operate pretty much the same... for the basics, at least.

What I will say, however, is you'll have some issues if this is interlaced footage, as the previous frame is on the opposite field.

This project could get extremely complicated very quickly.

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