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Hello guys,

I was reading the master thread for VCRs. Newbie here...
Why JVC HR-S9500 is not recommended?
Where I live I can buy cheap PAL unit, but I'm curious why? I see TBC is available on that unit?
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04-18-2020, 11:08 AM
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That model has been discussed on this forum over the years.

I think three things make it not a "recommended".

1. Older "dynamic drum" model. the Video head has a mechanical tilt mechanism driven by plastic gears which seizes up and breaks with age. It then becomes unrepairable because neither the plastic gears, not the whole video head assembly can be sourced anymore.

2. It does have TBC, but does not have control over its "video filters". Later models by comparison gave great control over the filters, as in levels or degrees of filter.. versus simply on/off.

3. Fewer people who tried that unit, continued to use that unit when it was more widely available. It just wasn't "recommended" that often by the people who had actually had a chance to use one.

[note: This doesn't mean it was a "bad" unit. Simply that when held up against the other models that were available it was not the "preferred" model. In today's context where you have far fewer choices that could certainly change, and having a TBC versus no TBC is a pretty persuasive feature these days. ]

These are all over 25 years old now, so the chances of finding one in good condition which did not need a lot of maintenance is very small.

But finding a VCR with TBC "at all" is becoming harder. If you can get it at a low cost its probably worth a try. But if you don't know how to fix these VCRs on your own, or know a repair shop that could repair it for you. It might be a slightly higher risk than one of the "recommended". - as a cautionary note, these are also not good times to "Start learning VCR repair" the odds are not good.. you will be able to before destroying the VCRs you learn on.. and it could cost time and money and be quite frustrating.

Its becoming a more dire time than in the past for the "do it yourself" type of person.

People tend to think of how to build a small "Transfer factory" in their garage before looking realistically at the number of tapes they have and taking inventory of what they have and really need to transfer. If its a small number of tapes finding a service that can do it for you would be a better use of your time and money. (1) You will know more about the tapes you have on hand, or can find out (2) The transfers will get done in "finite time".. not some intangible future day that seems to never come.

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04-18-2020, 11:39 AM
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Thanks for the comprehensive answer! I'll try to decide.
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04-18-2020, 02:59 PM
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It should be fine if it's in good condition. I have the 8500E, which is the slightly less featured version. The quality isn't any worse than the newer onces in edit mode. I've found edit=off to smooth the image a bit much, though the auto picture mode on later models also does, at least on the ones I've tested.

The Dynamic drum is a worry though, same with later models that have it.
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04-18-2020, 03:31 PM
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It's exactly the 9500E. The seller has two units, selling each for about 75 EUR. I'll probably order one and hope the DDrum to be fine.
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