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I have been asked to digitize the 1989 VHS of the wedding of a friend of my mother. Captures went well, zero dropped frames: Panasonic AG-1980 >> S-Video >> TBC-4000 >> ATI AIW 8500DV on a Dell tower. I'm attaching three sample clips: One from the steps outside the church, one from the ceremony itself, and one from the reception. (And, yes, it was a Big Fat Greek Wedding!)

The videotape looks like it was made by a semi-professional, and I'm wanting to do the best I can with it. I'm still not as familiar with Avisynth as I'd like, so I'm asking for specific recommendations. Thanks for any help.

Edit To Add: Intended final destination is DVD and streamable digital media.

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Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa! Sorry, but I failed to proof the clips before uploading. Here is the clip which should have been clip #2, from inside the church during the service:

Attached Files
File Type: avi 27-PennyWedding.20201119-clip1.avi (23.75 MB, 11 downloads)
File Type: avi 27-PennyWedding.20201119-clip2.avi (11.90 MB, 4 downloads)
File Type: avi 27-PennyWedding.20201119-clip3.avi (22.15 MB, 3 downloads)
File Type: avi 27-PennyWedding.20201119-clip4.avi (41.53 MB, 2 downloads)
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